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Jensen sets himself apart from the industry standard in a way that can be described with one simple word, accountability. Commitment to providing clients with supreme service is driven by a disciplined foundation and background that encompasses the many levels of Real Estate.

Jensen can be reached around the clock at 951-310-1289 by call or text message, or emailed at If you have goals in mind whether it be buying, selling, or investing, call Jensen today for a free and honest breakdown of options on how to reach those goals.

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"You went beyond the call of duty to make sure the process was easy for all involved."

Stacy Burghgraef

"This guys is a class act and an incredibly dependable person. I give him a 10 out of 10."

Craig Kapper

Lake Elsinore

300k – 450k

450k – 600k


Some of the variables to think about for creating a plan:


In Buying:

  • Desired area.
  • Monthly mortgage budget to maintain a certain quality of life.
  • Qualified payment and mortgage amount.
  • Available down payment.
  • Desired home specs.

Buyer's guide


In Selling:

  • A time frame in which you are ready.
  • A legitimate estimated true market value of the home.
  • Steps and order of rolling the sale into another purchase.
  • Deciding what stays and what goes.
  • Exit strategy.

Seller's guide


In Investing:

  • Flip or rental.
  • Area desired, keeping in mind management of property.
  • Single or multi-family property.
  • Available capital.
  • Required ROI.

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