Jensen sets himself apart from the industry standard in a way that can be described with one simple word, accountability. Commitment to providing clients with supreme service is driven by a disciplined foundation and background that encompasses the many levels of Real Estate.

After graduating Embry-Riddle AU with a Bachelor’s of Science at the age of 21, Jensen has owned and successfully managed multiple businesses that range from licensed general contracting/ground-up housing development, finance & credit, to Real Estate investing. With this type of background, clients will experience a different relationship with Jensen than with other agents, as he “partners” with clients through the entire transaction and beyond the successful close. It is said that “most American’s largest investment is their home.” This experience of purchasing a home should not only meet the needs and wants, but also be approached in a straight-forward and calculated manner providing a positive financial impact that can be leveraged for a lifetime.

Currently servicing the entire Southern California Region that is centered from his home base of Murrieta, CA, you will find that most of Jensen’s listings have an accepted purchase offer within the first two weeks due to his heavy front-end market strategy. Buyers he represents also quickly discover how hard he is willing to work to find a home that fits their needs visually, functionally, and financially, all while partnering with them to ensure everyone involved stays informed and educated throughout the process. In addition to representing both buyers and sellers, about one-third of the transactions he executes are through investor partnerships, as he diligently seeks potential investment opportunities in the default market.

In addition to being an active realtor, investor, and member of the National, California, and Riverside County Board of REALTORS®, Jensen is a competitive strength athlete in Powerlifting, further demonstrating the constant discipline that is the root of his drive. From Real Estate to Powerlifting, details and discipline set him apart, and volume keeps him sharp on the ever-changing market.

Jensen can be reached around the clock at 951-310-1289 by call or text message, or emailed at jensen@kierulff.net. If you have goals in mind whether it be buying, selling, or investing, call Jensen today for a free and honest breakdown of options on how to reach those goals.